Application - Ten Minute Edging Installation

Edging Step 1
#1 - Placing tool in soil
After the border is outlined, V & B's EdgeALL™ quickly starts cutting in the edge to a recommended depth of at least 4 inches to accommodate a 5-inch edging strip. The EdgeALL is used with a straight up and down motion, and then gently rocked back and forth to provide a channel for easy insertion of the edging.
#2 - Bending and inserting edging
The edging is easily installed in the narrow channel protruding about 1 inch above the ground surface to separate the enclosed bed and the surrounding lawn. This makes for easier bed maintenance and lawn mowing.
Edging Step 2
Edging Step 3
#3 - Finished job
Quickly accomplished. A neatly enclosed, easily maintained and smart looking bed design. On the practical side, the deep edging material will prevent grass roots from encroaching on your planted area. This entire job took less than 10 minutes. Edging was never easier!