Application - Installing A Brick Block Retaining Wall

#1 - Trenching
The mattock end of a 36-inch Planter tool easily breaks up soil and begins the trench where the brick blocks will be laid.
#2 - Grading
The mattock also is used to scrape and level the trench providing the final grade before the blocks are set in.
#3 - Light Grading
For light soil moving, a lightweight long-handle Handy Mattock Tiller does quick, neat job of filling in the bed and the bricks.
#4 - Final Touch
For really close work in a small space the 16-inch Mini-Tiller is still another option for adding those finished touches
#5 - "Do-It-All" Tools
With a range of lengths (16,26 and 36-inches) plus various tool head configurations, V & B's Groundbreakers® are equipped for any groundsworking or gardening chore.
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