Application - Trenching Without Disturbing Lawn

How to trench for burying cable without marring your lawn
a 10 minute job with V & B's EdgeAll®

SLITTING TRENCH - Sharp edge and hefty 13-pound weight of EdgeAll™ tool easily slits trench for shallow wire burial. A simple rocking motion achieves the desired width.

HALF DONE - While trenching continues, the half in the background is already "zipped up" with no scars showing in the lawn. The narrow trench was easily closed by gently tamping the soil back into place leaving little or no trace of the work that was done.

"ZIPPED UP" - Mission accomplished. No fuss, no mess - no trace. This project was neatly accomplished by the EdgeAll ® in under ten minutes!
Take a look at a 10 minute edging installation!
VB V & B Manufacturing Company - Walnut Ridge, AR