Ductile Iron

Provides for design flexibility without sacrificing strength.

Ductile Iron Ductile Iron is strong. It is used to maximize shock resistance and provide high-impact strength. It is also ideal for outdoor use since it resists corrosion.

V & B GroundBreakers area made of Ductile Iron that meets the specifications set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for the manufacture of valves, pump bodies and machinery castings subject to shock and fatigue loading. These same specifications are used to manufacture critical automotive parts such as camshafts, gears and rollers.

Perhaps the most convincing illustration of the strength of Ductile Iron can be found in heavy industry where it is used to make rock crusher hammers, forging dies, furnace grates and vise frames.

Ductile Iron gives V & B GroundBreakers the best of two worlds: Good, practical design and rock solid strength.


The toughest known species of wood for striking tool handles.

The wood of the true hickories is known for its strength. Some woods are stronger than hickory and others are harder, but no other commercial species of wood is equal to it in combined strength, toughness, hardness and stiffness. As a basis of comparison, hickory is approximately 30 percent stronger than white oak and 100 percent more shock-resistant.*

U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service. Pub. FS-241

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