Handles for Replacement and OEM's

As one of the world's largest producers of quality Hickory Handles, V & B Manufacturing Company is located in the hickory heartland of the U.S. with facilities in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.

Replacement Handles Replacement handles are available for:

  • Hammers
  • Sledges
  • Axes & Hatchets
  • Picks & Mauls

The quality replacement handles feature:

  • Genuine second growth hickory.
  • Accurate dimensions for proper fit.
  • Designed for maximum hand comfort.
  • Highly finished in clear glossy, weather-resistant lacquer with silicone for a slip-resistant grip.
  • 3 quality grades measured by density
  • 103 configurations & sizes to fit most tool requirements, or
  • Custom made to customer's specifications.
  • Complete with assembly instructions and material

OEM's - Special Handles and Turnings:

V & B Manufacturing is equipped to manufacture handles and turnings to customer specifications. Send drawings and/or samples with your special specs and grading requirements for a quote.

VB V & B Manufacturing Company - Walnut Ridge, AR