Small Hand Tools

V & B Manufacturing Company is adding further breadth to its Groundbreakers® landscaping and garden tools line with four new high quality, economy priced hand tools The new garden tools include the following:

Small Hand Tools

TROWEL: Performs three of gardening's most common tasks: planting bulbs, potting and transplanting. The full, concave design makes the GroundBreakers trowel ideal for the task.

TRANSPLANTER: The narrow trowel (transplanter) is the perfect tool to transplant delicate seedlings and other small plantings. The thin shaped blade makes the transplanter ideal for shallow digging in tight spaces.

CULTIVATOR: Designed with three pointed tines making it ideal for weeding and loosening the soil in confined areas around plants, small trees and shrubs.

WEEDER: The perfect tool for digging out weeds including their root system. It is specially designed with a sharp, notched end to sever roots below the surface.

All are highly finished with chrome-plated heads securely fitted to full-grip hickory handles.

VB V & B Manufacturing Company - Walnut Ridge, AR